Full-Arch Restoration
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Full-Arch Restoration

Patients experiencing critical tooth loss may be the perfect candidate for the full-arch restoration procedure. Using as many as four dental implant posts, the full-arch restoration method restores an entire set of teeth on the same day. Patients can already have their brand-new smile from their initial treatment!

What is full-arch restoration?

Restore your smile with a full-arch restoration. Full-arch restoration uses the strength and durability of dental implants to restore an entire arch — or even the whole mouth — of teeth altogether. Patients missing most of their teeth can enjoy a brand-new smile within the same day. The full-arch restoration procedure functions by strategically placing four or more dental implants around the upper or lower arch. A temporary but firm set of teeth will be used at this time. A permanent arch will be fixed later after the dental implants have recovered. IV sedation is a regular anesthetic option for the full-arch restoration method. This allows for the most pleasant experience in a reliable and sterile setting. Learn more about IV sedation and other sedation options available at Thousand Oaks Oral Surgery. Patients experience many advantages after having the full-arch restoration procedure:
  • Same-day smile. Own a brand-new smile on the same day as your procedure, even during the recovery period.
  • Heal faster. Our oral surgeon can strategically place every implant for faster healing. This also means that the need for further procedures, such as bone grafting, can be avoided or significantly decreased.
  • Preserve oral bone strength. Dental implants are a complete tooth replacement because they also replace its root. The dental implant post acts as the root of the new tooth, stimulating the jawbone and preventing bone loss.
  • Simple care. Just brush and floss, like real teeth!
  • Confidence! Eat, speak, and smile again! The results are natural, functional, and long-lasting.
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Full-Arch Restoration

Full-arch restoration provides the best solution for many patients who suffer from missing or failing teeth. We encourage you to contact Thousand Oaks Oral Surgery in Thousand Oaks, CA, to schedule an appointment with our experienced oral surgeon. Dr. Jonathan K. Nakano will create a tooth replacement treatment plan that suits your unique needs, preferences, and budget.